Mission, Vision and Values


IECO’s mission is to train researchers and develop critical thinking about ethics in communication and organizations. The Institute promotes dialogue between the social sciences and philosophy based on a holistic view of the person. It also develops tools to assess organizations from an ethical approach. The knowledge generated by IECO’s research work is made available through scientific publications, training courses, and consultancy services.



IECO seeks to position itself as an international team of researchers united by the prospect of invigorating the ethical health of society. The environment provided by the Institute is a catalyst for ideas and offers opportunities for joint projects. Academic dissemination and widespread promotion of the ideas worked on at IECO will help to create ethically healthy organizations.



Promoting the full development of people in organizations

Honest search for truth through study

Commitment to the common good of society

Devotion for human flourishing

Harmonious integration of technical, ethical, and aesthetic dimensions

Interdisciplinary dialogue between the social sciences and philosophy

Cooperation and partnerships with international institutions and organizations

Innovation in approaching and solving problems

Inter-university work and institutional independence

Rigorous and collaborative scientific research