Manuel Guillén Parra

Manuel Guillén Parra

  • Founder and Director
  • Director of the IECO-UV Chair of Business Ethics
  • University of Valencia

Manuel Guillén is the founder and principal researcher of IECO. He specializes in the area of creating trust in organizations. He holds a PhD in Economics and Business from the University of Valencia (1998) and a degree in Business Administration from the same university. He is a regular Visiting Scholar at Bentley University (Massachusetts), and has been visiting scholar at IESE Business School (Barcelona, Spain), St. Thomas University (Minnesota), Notre Dame University (Indiana) and RCC at Harvard University (Massachusetts).

Dr. Guillén Parra is currently Tenured Professor of Management in the Juan José Renau Piqueras Department of Business Administration at the University of Valencia. At the University of Valencia, he is the Director of the IECO-UNESCO Chair in Management, Governance, Trust and Otherness, the first joint chair with the UPV at the Campus of International Excellence VLC/CAMPUS.During eight years he has been the secretary of the Spanish branch of the European Business Ethics Network (EBEN).

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