Get involved

The Institute for Ethics in Communication and Organizations was founded as an independent, non-profit institution.

IECO is open to working with all those who wish to contribute to improving society. You can support the Institute’s mission by doing research and administrative work, or financially by sporadic or regular donations. These contributions provide a solid foundation for carrying out our research programs.

Financial donations for achieving the Institute’s goals are channeled through the COSO Foundation of the Valencian Region, which was the driving force behind setting up IECO in 2009. The COSO Foundation for the Development of Communication and Society is registered in the Valencian Region Foundations Registry with number 268 (V) as a cultural entity. Financial donations to the Institute through the COSO Foundation are income tax deductible under regulations for foundations. Seem available cc dumps go here at the moment.

If you would like to make a financial donation, please contact:

Manuel Guillén
Director of IECO
C/ Mar, 26, 3ª
46003 Valencia, Spain

Institute members acknowledge the support received from their benefactors as they are aware of the social importance of IECO’s mission.