FdE Ethics Project

The School of Economics at the University of Valencia in collaboration with the IECO-UV Chair of Business Ethics  launched in the academic year 2016-2017 the FdE Ethics project: Training future professionals with ethics. It is an educational innovative program with the objective to train future professionals in the field of economics and business that maintain the highest level of honesty, integrity and service to society that, in short, is the hallmark of a genuine professional.

The ‘FdE Ethics’ Program was born as a pioneering initiative in Spain due to its interdisciplinary and integrative nature. In this sense, ethics is considered as a transversal competence in all subjects and degrees taught in the School of Economics at the University of Valencia. From the beginning, it has been found that the training of students is not enough. It is also needed  the qualification in ethics of both, the professors and the administrative services’ staff  at the School of Economics. Therefore, it has been developed a strategic plan to involve the academic community (professors, administrative services’ staff, and graduate and postgraduate students), and also the companies and society as a whole.

The plan includes training sessions for professors, as well as training activities and activities aimed to dynamize students of the School of Economics with the clear objective of consolidating the project among the members of the academic community. At the beginning, sessions had been directed to professors and School staff in order to give a more ethical perspective to teaching in the subjects taught at the School of Economics. Moreover, training and dynamization sessions have been encouraged for those students that have requested them, driven by a common interest: learning the benefits of professionals and organizations behaving ethically. Some of these sessions have been recorded for its distribution and are available in video format (in Spanish).

As a result of the implementation of this project, students at the School of Economics have founded the Student’s Association for an Ethical School of Economics. The purpose is to raise awareness among students of the importance of ethics. The Association brings students the opportunity to be trained in ethical values from the beginning of their studies; to develop critical judgment; to become ethically responsible professionals in the future; and to contribute for incorporating ethics as a fundamental value in all undergraduate and postgraduate subjects at the School of Economics.

To do so, the IECO-UV Chair of Business Ethics gives support to the organization of activities that actively promote the values that have guided the foundation of the Association.